The 5 Fundamental Roots of Vibrant Health

At Nourish, Nurture & Heal, we call our approach to healing: The 5 Fundamental Roots of Vibrant Health. We developed this approach because we needed a new, comprehensive way to address the needs of sensitive individuals with chronic health conditions.

Our approach is based on our understanding that many facets of your life are playing a role in the health of your sensitive system.  In order to stop and reverse the disease process and make improvements sustainable, all of these facets need to be taken into consideration.

We teach you the following 5 Roots, then guide and support you as you work to incorporate these fundamental roots into your daily life. In this way, a strong base is created and sustainable change can grow from there.

1. Commitment to Your Healing Journey

No sustainable change can manifest in your life if there is not a fundamental commitment to change. Commitment means that you not only say you are committed, but that you are also willing to invest resources (time, energy and finances) to make the needed changes come to fruition.

However, we understand that change can be a frightening prospect – even if it means healing. This can be particularly true for sensitive individuals or those with a history of abuse, trauma or neglect. When this is the case, we work with clients to identify what is holding them back from committing to their healing journey and help them work through any ways they may be sabotaging their progress. Dr. Mary is particularly skilled in this work. When making a deep commitment to your health, timing is always important.  Before you begin, we work with you to make sure the timing is right for you to start your healing journey.

2. Supportive Nutrition & Optimal Digestion

Notice we didn’t say a healthy diet. One thing we’ve learned in this work is that there is no one healthy diet for everyone. There are certain healthy guidelines, but truly one person’s food can be another’s poison. We work with you to determine your bio-individual nutritional needs. This means we help you discover which foods make you feel great, which foods are kryptonite for you and which ones you can eat occasionally without issues. As you heal, this will change, so we also teach you about that as well. We also help you learn how your body communicates and what different signs and symptoms are telling you about your nutrition and supplement needs. Puffy eyes, cramps, gas, constipation – they are all telling you something. Learning the language of your body is incredibly empowering and healing. Once we have identified your specific healing food protocol, we also support you in sticking with it. Through our private sessions or our group support calls, we are there to help find recipes, deal with self sabotage and get you back on the horse if you fall off. Healing complex conditions takes a team!

3. Adopting a Healing Lifestyle

This fundamental root is all about learning how to nurture your body in the way it needs to heal. We teach you how to minimize stress in your life and healthy ways of coping with the stress you cannot avoid. It’s important to understand that stress is not just having an argument with your partner or child, feeling overwhelmed at work or dealing with your illness. Stress also includes an inappropriate diet, insufficient sleep, electromagnetic field exposure, under or over exercising, toxins in the environment, etc. We teach you about all the stress variables and how to minimize them in your daily life.

4. Body Alignment & Supportive Movement

A large part of your healing journey involves healing your nervous system. This is especially true for sensitive individuals. In order to accomplish this, the body must be in proper alignment. When the bones of the body are not aligned, we start to see nerve issues and chronic pain. We also see impaired digestion and impaired immune function. This is because these systems are greatly influenced by the nervous system and when it’s impaired the organs and systems that rely on it just don’t work properly.

There are many types of body workers that can help with alignment. We help you sort through the information and decide what type of body worker might be right for you. We also help you figure out the type of movement or exercise that will be most supportive for your healing. Some of you will need more active movement while others will need more restorative movement. It’s all part of finding out what your specific needs are.

5. Leveraging Consciousness for Emotional Health

Have you heard of the mind-body connection? It is one of the hot topics in health research these days, because it has become very clear that our thoughts and beliefs (both conscious and unconscious) have a huge impact on our health. It is the force behind the placebo effect, and it can be an incredible ally in your healing or an absolute hindrance. It is perhaps the least studied of The 5 Fundamental Roots, and generally it is not addressed at all in mainstream medicine. This is because it usually falls in the realm of meditation teachers, hypnotherapists or trauma therapists. These people know what a huge impact conscious and unconscious thoughts have on the body and work to help their clients identify beliefs patterns that can impede healing. Mary has done extensive work in the realm of consciousness training, whereas Cate’s training has been in the realm of mindfulness and meditation. Together, we help you find where you are holding yourself back and guide you in working through it.

Wondering if Nourish, Nurture & Heal is Right For You?

Do you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a client?   Maybe you have some concerns regarding what’s involved. We are happy to answer any questions you have and to discuss which Nourish, Nurture & Heal program may be right for you.