“There is a deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”

Elizabeth A. Behnke


We work as closely as possible with you to understand your personal situation and unique needs. We then guide you in applying the 5 Roots in a more general or more personalized way depending on your needs and how you choose to work with us.

Working With Us

Everyone’s journey back to resilience and well-being is different.

We can work with you in two ways depending on your specific needs and financial situation. When working with us one-on-one, we guide you in implementing a personalized plan and offer ongoing support for as long as needed. If you opt for a group program, we provide more general information about incorporating the 5 Roots into your life, but meet with you weekly to answer questions and provide as much personal support as possible.

Introductory Consultation

This is a complmentary 30-40 minute session to discuss how your sensitivity manifests, your current relationship with your body and where you are not feeling at ease. We’ll answer any questions you may have and make sure that working together feels like a good fit for you and us.


Private One-On-One Sessions

Depending on your situation and needs, you may opt for this more intensive way of working with us. One-on-one sessions are offered in packages of 12 – 1 hour sessions. They can be used weekly or spread out over a longer period of time if you need a slower pace. If you have more serious health issues, a trauma background or do not like the idea of working in a group, this option may be best for you.


Group Sessions

Working in a group setting is the best way to benefit from peer support and it’s more economical than one-on-one work. Groups are generally 8-10 people and meet weekly over a three-month period (12 – 1 hour sessions). During these sessions, we will present information from our 5 Roots Approach and discuss how to apply it in daily life. We will also answer any questions you may have re-garding new or past material.


Self Study: Sensitivity Wellness Program

This online program, which is still under development, will present information from our 5 Roots Approach for those of you who prefer the flexibility of an online program. It is the most affordable way to access our 5 Roots information, but does not offer any personal guidance.

Hear From Our Clients

My son means the world to me and to see him coming back to himself – I am forever grateful. You are truly amazing at what you do in helping others.

I loved the support call and the work we did tonight, I came away feeling powerful, energized and inspired in the sense that I am learning how to use the tools from this course so that I can live a happier, healthier life.

Take The First Step in Healing Your Relationship With Your Body

Do you have questions or concerns about working with us or what’s involved? We are happy to answer any questions you have and to discuss if the timing is right to begin working together.