Mary Pellicer, MD

My lifelong commitment to healing work was inspired at the age of eight, when I witnessed the health ravages in a third world country while living there with my family. That is when I decided I wanted to help people be healthy.

I trained as a family practitioner and worked for a number of years in a migrant health clinic practicing conventional medicine. I grew frustrated in that system and left to become medical director of a healthy community project for a large hospital system. Though a step in the right direction, the funding for the project was limited compared to the need, and eventually the program was discontinued. From these experiences, I realized that the tools I had learned in medical school were often only band-aids for many of the chronic problems my patients had.

As I began to have health problems of my own, I was drawn into the world of alternative healing and ended up researching mind-body healing techniques and the power of the unconscious mind. On this new path, I have met many different types of healing practitioners. I now know, without a doubt, that there is much more to healing than I learned in medical school. My continuing journey as a physician is still on this path of discovery – exploring the essence of healing, even for problems that are supposedly incurable.

My research outside conventional medical and psychological paradigms has redefined my position as a physician and medical professional and solidified my conviction that it is possible to heal anything. I believe the essence of healing lies in accessing and releasing buried trauma in the unconscious. This ultimately affects not only physical and emotional well-being, but also allows profound transformation that many seek but don’t know how to obtain.

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