Food Sensitivities

There’s more to treating a food sensitivity than may initially meet the eye. At Nourish, Nurture & Heal, we’ll help you look beyond notifications on food packaging and formulate an effective strategy for identifying and minimizing your food sensitivities.

While it is easy to dismiss food sensitivites as a new-age fad, there is actually significant science that demonstrates the serious effects they can have on your health.

We work to identify your food sensitivities through the use of an elimination and challenge diet.  This method is considered the gold standard when it comes to identifying food sensitivities.  

Once your sensitivities are identified, we will guide you in healing your digestive tract.  We will then teach you the proper method for reintroducing foods to your diet.  

If you are concerned about food sensitivites  and would like to discuss our approach in further detail, schedule and Optimal Wellness Strategy Session today! 

Wondering if Nourish, Nurture & Heal is Right For You?

Do you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a client?   Maybe you have some concerns regarding what’s involved. We are happy to answer any questions you have and to discuss which Nourish, Nurture & Heal program may be right for you.